Do’s and Don’ts while Filing a Successful RTI Application

The constitution of India passed the act of Right to information that fully came into force in October 2005. It’s a right of the citizen to ask for information from the government bodies. The government bodies are the functioning part or administration of any government who implement the policies passed for the welfare of the society. Before the RTI Act, these bodies were working in isolation in a centralized way, the act came into existence to increase the participation of the society in brooder sense and citizens in the specific.

The government organization fully funded, managed and organized by the state and the central government comes under the control of the Right to information act. Even a few organizations managed by the private sector but funded by the government comes under the act. People can apply online as well as offline to seek information from various public authorities. There are two important bodies handling Right to information act application both at central and state level

  • Central Information Commission (CIC) –
  • State Information Commissions (SIC)

The right to information application can be filed online by using the web site like onlinertiapplication with the help of experts. There is a certain process that needs to be followed while filing the RTI application online. To seek the information on the time it’s necessary to keep in mind certain Dos and Don’ts.

Do’s are:

  1. Create your proper login ID and create a password with proper difficulty
  2. Take the help of the RTI experts which is available on the websites like onlinertiapplication
  3. Find the right authority to whom you want to write the Right to information act application
  4. Mention the exact information you are requesting without creating any fuss.
  5. The wording should be simple and clear to get the right information
  6. Fill in the right details asked while filing the RTI application
  7. Review the details carefully before submitting it
  8. Finalize and submit it online or post it to the proper address
  9. The online Rti application provides you with tracking id, use it to keep track of your application.

Don’ts are:

  1. Note down your username and password and do not disclose it to an unknown person
  2. Do not ask more than one question at a time. For example, if you are asking a question regarding passport, then ask only the question related to it. Otherwise, there are chances of rejection of your RTI application
  3. Do not write in any format, in case of offline use prescribed format of writing the application on the plain paper. In the online application mention, the proper details asked in the format.
  4. In the case of offline RTI application do not forget to attach the RTI fees receipt that you pay as charges.  

It is always advisable to take the help of the expert of RTI to avoid any kind of mistake and rejection of your application. The proper way of filling RTI will ensure the response from the government within the stipulated time. RTI is the empowerment of the citizens to get informed and aware of the betterment of society.



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