RTI is a tool that gives a lot of power to the common man. Anyone can file an RTI to get the information they seek. You can also know a lot of things about your PF and get your bank account related information. We will discuss the process a little later in this article.

Using RTI for EPF and Bank accounts

You can use RTI for obtaining all the information you want, including the government or your own. You can use RTI to find information

  • The status of EPF withdrawal,
  • PF balance, or
  • any other information related to your PF.


It is a lengthy process to file the RTI application offline. Though it is cheap but is a very tedious process. What you save in money, you lose in time and effort. Online RTI filing is a better alternative to filing an online RTI application. Although it is a little expensive, it sure eases the complex process.

You can log in to the government website for filing the RTI but not every state has the online facility. In that case, you can use the help of the our websites that provide this facility at a minimal cost. All you have to do is file the RTI and pay the fees. our experts will draft your application in compliance with the rules of RTI and will file it. And within 30 days, you will receive the information by post. That’s just about it, easy and effortless as compared to the offline method.

Filling the RTI for EPF Offline

Filling the RTI has become simplified and easy. Your application must have the following details.

  • A clearly defined subject.
  • You must address it to the Central Public Information Officer.
  • Must have correct PF office address.
  • It must have complete details according to the records including complete address, phone number, email ID and EPF account details.
  • A declaration saying you are the Indian resident and that all the information provided are correct as per your knowledge. The declaration also contains the request for assurance that the requested information will be provided before 30 days after the receipt of the application.
  • After the declaration should be the details of the demand draft or postal order used for making the payment towards RTI. The fee for filing the RTI often varies from state to state. So, you must find out about the fees before making the DD or PO for the payment.
  • Must have a signature with clearly mentioned name, date and place.

You can send this application via registry or speed post only. The sender must keep the challan for future reference. The application reaches the destination within 5 business days and you will be receiving the information within a month from the time of receipt of the application. However, the offline process is very long and extremely complicated.