RTI Act Overview – Challenges & Remedies

The Right to Information Act of 2005 is one of the most revolutionary rights of our constitution. This act aims at legitimizing democracy by giving powers to the common man. The act facilitates transparent systems and eliminates bureaucracy. It makes the government and authorities answerable to the citizens of India by providing them with the […]

How RTI differ from other Anti-Corruption laws?

Right to Information is one of the most important and significant laws in our constitution. This act aims at giving mover to the common man and help him to seek the desired information. The main objective of RTI is to promote transparency and reduce bureaucracy in the system. RTI Act was passed unanimously in parliament[…..]

How to File RTI online for Gram Panchayat Details

Right to Information Act passed in the Parliament and came into force in the year 2005. The Right to Information Act is the empowerment of the people to get information from any government body. The information can be obtained from any organization controlled, managed and financed by the state or central government. Any indirectly controlled[…..]