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Every citizen should have access to public information, but 9 out of 10 people step back from filing an RTI just because of its complex and lengthy process. Mr. Rajesh Kewat, the MD of FastInfo Group, had experienced this first hand as he was an RTI activist for the past 10 years. To make people understand that it's not a complex process, and common people can claim their rights easily, he wanted to provide that necessary support, through Online RTI Application. It marked the foundation to get closer to the society and common people.

Why are we providing it for free?

Online RTI Application was the first initiative taken by Mr. Kewat which gave him the opportunity to serve the society and the push forward to launch five subsidiaries of FastInfo Group namely FastInfo Class, Online Legal India, Innovative Bharat, OnlyDesi and Online Class India. Mr.Kewat is always emotionally connected with the Online RTI Application platform, as it marked the turnaround in his entrepreneurial journey. Therefore as a token of appreciation towards the society, Mr. Kewat decided to make Online RTI Application free for all.

From the Founder's Desk

Rajesh Kewat

Mr. Rajesh Kewat

As an Entrepreneur you should not only focus on building your business empire, but also building awareness around the society. Contributing towards the society is our responsibility and everyone should play a role to set the stage for the younger generation.

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Online RTI Application is a platform, where each and every individual can raise their queries towards the respective authority. We value the voice of common people and are committed to making India corruption free.Come join us in this endeavour.


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