RTI filing charges in India is Rs. 10/- can be paid in the name of the department by a Postal Order or DD. Pay extra appropriate quantity for the photocopies and mention the same in the application if you require photocopies of the papers.

While attaching Rs 10 Indian Postal Order or Demand Draft or Banker’s Check as it charges, the data requested under the Right to Information Act may be produced through a straightforward request in a white paper. The best choice is to choose the Indian Postal Order because of its simplicity and comfort. If the data seeker wishes an extract of a photocopy or otherwise, he / she must pay an extra charge.

In its judgment in a Write, petition (Civil) No. 194 of 2012 between Common Cause Petitioner(s) vs. High Court of Allahabad & Anr. [3], the Supreme Court of India directed the government authorities to maximize the RTI application fee at Rs 50/- and the fee for photocopying documents will be Rs 5/- per page.