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Fed up with the corruption and slow Govt. work ?
  • Going all the way to a post office or finding someone to file an RTI for you could be a tedious and expensive task. Corruption and fraudulent is common in many organizations, but you have the power to file an RTI Online from your home.
  • Most of the people believe that filing an online RTI is an expensive task. That’s not the case with us! We are an independent entity and our sole aim is to provide you a platform to get answers to your queries. If nobody is hearing you out, we will ensure that the Government listens to your voice and what you wish to say.
  • The services come with a nominal price. Before we talk about the monetary gains, it is important to understand what we do for you!
    Online RTI Application helps the citizen in exercising their right to information online. We provide a convenient platform for citizens of India for a simple filing of an RTI application.
  • We help them in seeking satisfactory answers from the authorities to get satisfactory answers. We help them to request the public authorities for accurate information regarding their concerns.
  • The traditional process of filing RTI can take a long time, due to the inconvenient processes. Most people waste weeks to months trying to complete a difficult request. Worse still, many fail to get a response from the government. We understand these delays in the processes and offer a convenient solution.
  • This is our sincere effort to make the functioning of the government transparent and accountable. We are striving hard to make India a nation free from corruption.
  • Our legal experts are in RTI processing, so don’t worry. Consider your case at the top of the government queue

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