Role of RTI Act in Land & Property Records

The Right to Information Act is effective from the year 2005 onwards. This one of the greats acts in our constitution. This act aims at giving immense power to the common man to resolve any issues. Any citizen of India can exercise this right to solve any personal or social issues prevailing in the society. Right to Information act eliminates the bureaucracy and corruption in the system. As per this revolutionary act, a government official or department is liable to answer the grievance of RTI applicant within 30 days. The RTI act application form should be filled to apply for Right to information act online

Several online mediators can help you to file the RTI act application form. They charge a very nominal fee for the same. They help you to draft a professional RTI plea and makes sure your application reaches to the concerned department efficiently. The Right to information act online application form is one of the essential document and must be filled with utmost care. All the details should be appropriately mentioned while addressing the RTI application Form.

The right to information act has a wide coverage this act can be used to know the status of your passport application, delayed IT return refund, to know if the funds allocated are being used appropriately or to even obtain the land records. The RTI for land records can be used to gauge the following discrepancy:

  • Fake Land Registration: The RTI for land records can help you obtain the complete details about land. There can be a situation wherein the land you wish to purchase may belong to some other person or someone may claim that the land or property belongs to them without proper authority. In such a case, the RTI for Land records can make things much easier by providing you with all the details about land registration. This act helps one to save any fraudulent activities. Section (2) of RTI act 2005 allows one to obtain owner related documents of the property.
  • Land Disputes: The RTI act for land records can help you know if the property or land that you are wishing to purchase in under litigation or has any dispute. The information concerning the land dispute and litigation matter can be obtained with the help of filling an RTI act application form.
  •  EC: The Encumbrance certificate is one of the mandatory documents for all land or property deal. This certificate is evidence that the land/property’s title is free. The encumbrance certificate states the ownership details of the land/property. One can receive a copy of EC from the government officials with the help of RTI act application online. The authorities which deal with land and property registration and other legalities are public authority hence, they are answerable to the RTI act application with the speculated period. 
  • The dimension of Land/Property: The RTI act for land records also allows one to know the details concerning the dimension of the land/property, its area, plot number, etc. This information is vital for any existing or prospective property owner.





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