Bringing crystal clear transparency and accountability in operation of our Government systems is a slow task to accomplish. In order to achieve the target, acts like The right to information Act of 2005 is one the significant step which was taken towards achieving the communal good of presenting information available to everyone who is an eligible candidate on their fingertips with ease. We should make everyone realize that the Police are boned to promote the roles.

FIR stands for First Information Report, which is an important document involved in a criminal offence. With the aid of RTI, we have the right to know what is being documented as the first information report. RTI is the best weapon to fight against corruption in the police department. Police are bound to share the status of the FIR.

Here are the details about what an FIR is and how it functions;

Immediately after any crime is bought to officials notice, the FIR will come to existence.

As FIR is a public document, the copy of the FIR will be provided to the Complainant. This underlying form of FIR probably won’t contain the police examination subtleties and the proof points of interest as gathered by the police.

  1. To stay aware of the status of the case, it very well may be composed with the police headquarters as well as the SHO to get the last duplicate of the FIR, which isn’t that simple.
  2. Police don’t more often encourage the urge of residents requesting to know their documented FIR status. In this way, RTI for FIR can be documented, and afterwards, status can be checked for the recorded FIR.

The Format of RTI, to check the FIR Status.

It has a formal letter format which will be addressed to the local police along with the details of the applicants like full name, father’s names permanent address phone and email.

  1. There is particular information about crime and civil problems..
  2. Special details like an eye witness, or the nearby public should be informed about the complaint.

The necessity for it now

According to a survey, there are nearly 1,20,000 FIR RTIs which are being filed across individual sites. Also manage to be operating at a successful rate for the government to reply is also good.

So care must be taken whenever an FIR is being charged on, with the help of RTI make sure that you will be catered the basic amount of legit information about the happening. With this procedure, one can check their status of the FIR with RTI easily.

How to apply online to check FIR Status with RTI?

Now you know what is your worth? Anyone can file the FIR status application using online RTI Application. Just fill the form & make the payment. Rest work will be done by our legal team.