How to get your Income tax Refund Faster

Getting an income tax refund is not as easy as filing a tax. A timely refund of income tax is a very difficult task but following some techniques can help you get your income tax refund faster. Filing of income tax RTI application form is empowered you to understand the details of the IT department. This might be an essential step before filing for a refund. Here are some prompts to help you get a faster refund.

Who are eligible for filing an income tax refund?

As a citizen, you will be eligible for an Income tax refund only when you have been paying more than what you have to pay. Certain cases like when there is an action for self-assessment tax or when the tax is paid in advance can land you up in a position to file an Income tax refund from the IT department. One another case is when you have more TDS deducted than what you are liable to. In that case, also you will be eligible to apply for an Income tax refund.  

Any individual can file up an RTI act application form for gaining knowledge about the information they want to know or also for exercising their right to know about the activities of a department. To file an income tax RTI application form, there is no eligibility required other than being a citizen of the country who is willing to know more.

Things to do for a faster output

  1. The vital point is to file income tax records on time. This way, it enables you with a quicker way to apply for an income tax refund also. If you wish to know more about how an IT departments function in filing income tax or settling income tax refunds you can submit an income tax RTI application form to get enlightened about it.
  2. With recent use of technology, it has become mandatory to fill a request for income tax refund online, without which the refund status will not be processed.
  3. The refund for your income tax must be filed through the ITR application form. Check for the TDS or self-assessment for the tax paid and file it properly on form 16 along with form 26AS
  4. The filing for a refund on income tax must be filed well in advance, within a year of assessment. Beyond which refund request will not be processed.
  5. To avoid further delay in payments, ensure proper details of your KYC are quoted along with an active bank account details. Income tax refunds are currently supported payment through checks or directly into registered bank accounts.


To know more about the functioning of the IT department you can file an RTI application form to know more. Further, the information provided on filing an income tax RTI application form is set on a chargeable basis.  

Increasingly, the need to know about what is and to be done is at prime focus. The RTI is one such act benefitting millions of people. Get yourself enlightened on what you work up to.


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