RTI stands for Right to information; according to this act, everyone in the country has the right to know the information. Especially when you see this from the view of the young population in our country India, for students, this act should have a profound meaning in their educational institution and their academic endeavors. As, at every stage of their life they take up many herculean courses and fight against them to gain sound knowledge. The method of examination and evaluation of the answer sheets should be transparent.

However, is the educational system or competitive examinations are running transparently? How many of university students gets the opportunity to see and learn from their own mistakes? How many of them know that we can apply online to get copy of Answer sheet using RTI? The situation begins when a student gives some examination in their educational institution after a month or so they directly get the scorecard or the grade sheet along with pass or fail. Very seldom we see a situation where students get the chance to learn from their own mistakes. There is no transparency in the system because there is accumulation of corruption in every stage of examination. RTI for marks verification will put check to these situations .But the fee students pay for re-test or betterment is like a golden goose to the college management. Hence they will not promote transparency by providing the answer sheets. In cases like these RTI is the best weapon to fight against corruption. There are many incidents where the students are graded low or even failed due to an error in addition of marks by the faculty. So in this kind of situations rti mark sheet verification will be a boom in student’s hand.

Drafting an RTI for Answer Sheet or OMR Answer Sheet is a significant basic procedure. You have to compose your application with the inquiries for which you need feedbacks and answers. For the application, you can utilize a plain sheet of paper. You don’t need to clarify why you need the data you are requesting. The application ought not to surpass 500 words

While acts like these are empowering students, due to lack of awareness many students still suffer a bad faith in the hands of college management. The application can be written in English, Hindi or the official language of the state. It is constantly encouraged to use precise and formal language. Under the RTI, you may look for authorized certified duplicates of your answer content or assess them. It is vital to indicate what data you need in the application. It is additionally critical to specify the name of the PIO/APIO.

  The data that you can get under RTI for understudies are –

  1. Marks earned by the student.
  2. Cut-off Marks for that examination
  3. Certified Xerox copy of assessed answer content.
  4. Display answer content used to assess.
  5. Time and spot where answer contents were investigated.
  6. Get the copy of your answer sheet and review, re-total, re-evaluation, and so on.). So that you can fight for your right.

Steps to be followed to get certified copy of answer sheet under RTI:

  1. Begin with entering you address and personal contact details. This will be address to which the answer sheets will be sent.
  2. Enter vital details like name, exam name and the registration number.
  3. Finish the payment by using the secure payment portal.