How to File RTI for EPF withdrawal?

Are you facing any issues while filing RTI for your EPF transfer or withdrawal?

We all know that RTI is a medium for the common man to get clear and speedy information from any government office. There are many websites which offer you with RTI filing services for EPF status check online in India. There you have to fill the RTI application form.

RTI is a tool that offers a lot of authority to the public. It allows anyone to file an RTI to find the details they are looking for like EPF check status. You can as well know many things about your EPF status online and get information related to your bank account.

Using RTI for Bank accounts and EPF status online

You can use RTI for gaining all the details you need, including your own or of the government. With RTI use can find information like:

  • PF balance
  • The EPF check status
  • Any other information associated to your PF

 Use RTI for EPF status check online

Filing the RTI application offline is a lengthy process. It is inexpensive, but it is a very time-consuming process. With it, you can save money, but a lot of effort and time will be wasted. Online RTI filing is the best option to file RTI application online. Though it is less expensive, it eases the difficult process.

You can seek professional help to file the desired RTI. As every state doesn’t have the facility to file online. Therefore, you can go for the help of websites that offer this facility at the most affordable price. All you need to do is request the RTI and make the payment. These experts will file your application in agreement with the RTI rules. It will take 30 days to deliver information at your address by post. This process is effortless and easy than the offline mode.

Filling the RTI for EPF Offline

 Filling the RTI application has become easy and simplified. Your application should include the following details:

  • The subject of your application
  • Fill correct PF office address.
  • Don’t forget to address it to the Central Public Information Officer.
  • It must have required details as per the records including phone number, complete address, email ID as well as EPF account details.
  • A proof to verify that you are a resident of India and that all the details provided are right as per your understanding.
  • After the statement should include the details of the postal order or demand draft used for paying the RTI. The payment for filing the RTI frequently differs from state to state. Therefore, you must learn about the fees earlier, making the PO or DD for the payment.
  • You have to sign it with your name, which is mentioned along with place and date.

You can send it via speed post or registry only. The applicant must keep the challan for future use. The application will reach at the destination within five working days and information will be provided you within a month from the date of application receipt.



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