How can you Solve your Social Problems using RTI?

Right to Information is a basic right of every citizen of India. It gives us complete freedom to know about happening in our country. If used wisely, this right can help us to solve many social and personal issues. Over the years, one can observe an increase in the use of this right. It is vital to understand the importance of this right and the role it can play for the betterment of society. RTI can help you address social issues more responsibly.

RTI aims at educating the citizens of India with regards to their right. The basic Awareness of this right is very imperative. The RTI act aims at promoting transparency and eradicating any impurities in the system. It offers great power to a common man, Now we can scrutinize the working of government and ensure the funds are allocated towards the betterment of the society with the help of this revolutionary act. It reduces bureaucracy and corruption in the system.

However, not all are aware of the strength of this act. This act has helped an enormous number of people to solve their grave social problems.

You can solve some of the problem mention below by filling an RTI online complaint:

  • Fix roads and potholes: If there are main potholes in your vicinity and roads are in poor condition. You can use Right to information to know why the officials do not address the issue. You can apply with the help of RTI online application form and know if the funds were assigned for the repair and maintenance of the roads and infrastructure. You can also question the regulatory bodies concerning the same. This exceptional act compels government officials to answer the doubts of the common public.
  • Conduct a social audit of government projects: You can also conduct a social audit by filling an online RTI application Form. This will help you to inspect the working of the social project led by the government. If there are any loopholes in the projects you can connect with the concerned department along with your RTI online complaint. The government officials are liable to answer the RTI complain with 45 days of the application. This act aims at promoting social agility towards society.
  • Know the optimum utilization of funds by your MP/MLA: By using this act you can also know the funds allocated by the MP/MLA of your area for social development and other issues. This ensures the funds are allocated at the right place and there is no misuse of government funds. RTI aims at exterminating corruption in the best possible way.
    Know how a particular government project or scheme: You can also check the implementation of a government scheme or project with the help of this act. If there are any discrepancies or flaws, you can file an online RTI complaint about resolving them.

The process of filing an RTI application form is also very easy. You can visit the website and apply with RTI online application form. You can mention the details concerning the issue that you wish to address along with your details. The RTI act application form is very easy to fill and won’t take more than just a few seconds.


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